Frequently Asked Questions

Are Kerries good with children?

Absolutely! Terriers are sturdy and lively and have a high level of energy. They are
affectionate and loving. As with any dog, children must treat a puppy or dog properly.

Can an "allergic" person live with a Kerry?

Kerries are non-shedding and odor-free. The AKC lists them among the dogs that
are highly recommended for persons with allergies.

Are Kerries easy to train?

Like all terriers, Kerries can be stubborn. Consistent gentle training is best. Kerries are anxious to please and thrive on affection. These two characteristics produce a dog which is readily responsive to training. Kerries do perform in Obedience classes.

How often do Kerries have to be groomed?

Six weeks is the ideal time between groomings. A motivated owner can easily master pet grooming.

Does the Kerry make a good "family" dog?

Kerries become part of the family and will love every member; they do not tend to be "one-person" dogs.

How long does the average Kerry live?

Kerries are long-lived; many live a healthy and active life for 12-15 years.

What about exercise?

A Kerry is a high energy terrier. It needs a place to run. A fenced yard is highly recommended. Kerries make excellent jogging and bicycling companions, but should not be permitted off lead as they may be dog aggressive. Because they are terriers, they will chase rodents, squirrels, and other small animals; a terrier should be leashed when not in its own fenced yard. A dog should not be tied; the danger of accidental strangulation as well as the inability of a tied animal to avoid a fight or defend itself make this a general rule for all breeds.